Weight Training Workout for Seniors


As you grow older, it is all the more essential to maintain an active and healthy life free of diseases. Just because you have reached a certain age doesn’t mean that you have to give up leading an active life and ignore your body and health. It is very common for seniors to hear people suggesting them to lead a relaxed and retired life, but the body may not be thinking in that fashion and wants to keep and stay active. To lead a long and healthy life as you grow older is extremely crucial and regular exercises or senior workouts are ideal to keep your body healthy.
You may have retired from your professional work, but don’t give up on your daily activities like walking and jogging. Regular exercises at this age will ensure that you have a healthy body as you grow older. According to an article titled Active Seniors Enjoy Life More, the American Council on Exercise has reported that “As you age, regular exercise can help improve energy, maintain your independence and manage the symptoms of any illness or pain better”. Regular weight training workouts for seniors can reverse some of the common symptoms of aging. Walking is always a good form of exercise for any age people, but if you include weight training workouts for seniors, then you will notice a big difference in your overall well-being. Retaining the flexibility of your youth after 50 will have a very positive impact on your mind and body.
The Centre for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommends weight training workouts for seniors to reduce the symptoms associated with various ailments like, arthritis, osteoporosis, back pain, depression, obesity and diabetes. The best part of doing weight training workouts doesn’t involve trips to a gym or performing any strenuous exercises. You can do these workouts even from the comforts of your home. If you can, then you can even visit a gym, but that is not essential. A lot of gyms have trained staff to guide seniors on the various workouts depending on their health. You can even do a simple 20 minute workout anywhere and at anytime. If doing senior workouts at home, you will need a pair of dumbbells and a good set of shoes. Initially you can start with 3-5 pounds of dumbbells and gradually increase the weight as you gain in confidence.

4 Minutes Warm-Up
Warm-up is crucial before any exercise and for any group of people. According to a research by American Heart Association, a good warm-up exercise dilates your blood vessels, ensuring there is enough supply of oxygen to your muscles. By slowly raising your heart rate through warm-up helps in minimizing any stress on your heart.
The following warm-up exercises should be performed for a minute each without resting in-between.

Jog in Place for a minute
Jogging for a minute is a good warm-up exercise considering the age of the body. This is a low impact workout and is best suited for people above 50. Make sure you are wearing stable shoes and carrying a bottle of water with you. As you build-up your stamina, you can consider increasing the duration of jogging.
Punching for a Minute
Punching is a nice warm-up exercise for your upper body. It improves the blood flow when you do this exercise for a minute. For doing this exercise, stand with your feet slightly wider than shoulder-distance apart and slightly bend your knees. Tighten the core to keep your center still. Punch out one arm at a time at a good and steady speed.
Knee Thrusters
Stand with your feet wider than the shoulder distance apart. Turn both the feet in one direction and allow the hips to follow like you are in a shallow lunge position. Hold the front knee in 90-degree angle and the back heel lifted. Hold the arms in guard position in front of your chest. Drive the back knee up to hip height towards the hand and the hands in towards the thigh. Return the foot to the floor and repeat.
One Minute Basic Squat
Basic squats are a great way to preserve the physical functions in older adults. Basic squats are a perfect way to close your warm-up session. Get your glutes to drop as low as possible to keep your hip flexors mobile and prevent the body from taking on the age related shuffle while walking. Stand tall with your feet hip distance apart. Your knees, hips and toes all of them should be facing forward. You can even consider holding dumbbells to make it harder. Bend the knees and extend your buttocks backward as if in a sitting position. Keep your knees on your toes and weight on your heels. Rise back up.

The Workout for 15 minutes
Do these senior workouts for the time mentioned and the recommended repetitions. You can rest for a minute between the exercises.

Squat Curl Knee Lift
The squat curl knee lift is a good weight training workout for seniors that basically target the quads, biceps and glutes. Start this exercise in the squat position with the weight back on the heels and arms long next to side holding the dumbbells. Squeeze the glutes to press it up and lift the right knee as you curl the weights to your shoulders. Slowly lower the weights back down and return to squat position. Repeat with the left knee. Perform 8-12 of these for one side and then rest for a minute.
Shoulder Overhead Press
Start the overhead press with feet hip distance apart. Bring your elbows out to the side and create a goal post position with the arms and dumbbells held at the side of the head and the abdominals held tight. Press the dumbbells slowly up until the arms are straight. Slowly move to the starting position with control. Repeat this as much as you can. To make it harder and to improve the balance, stand on one foot while performing half, and then go over to the other foot. Perform this workout for 8-12 times and rest for a minute. This workout is perfect for the shoulders, back and the biceps.

Reverse Grip Double Arm Row
This is a standing exercise for seniors that helps strengthen the core, back and the arms. The reverse grip double arm row is a good weight training workout for seniors that can be done at home. Start with the legs held together and sit back into a slight squat, engaging the abdominals. Arms should be held in the front of the body holding the dumbbells at the hip height with the palms facing the ceiling. Draw the elbows back past the hips, gently hugging the side body so you feel the lats and triceps engage and come back forward with control. Perform these steps at least 8-12 times, resting for a minute.
Bird dog
Bird dog is a great core strengthening exercise that works both the back as well as the abdominal muscles. To do this weight training workout you will have to keep the body posture steady as you lift your arms and legs. Kneel on the mat on all fours. Stretch your one arm long, draw in the abdominals and extend the opposite leg long behind you. Repeat on the other side. Perform around 8-10 per side. Move slow and steady holding the arm and leg out for a moment before switching. Rest for a minute and continue. You will have to concentrate on the way in which you will perform the bird dog exercise.

Glute Bridge
There are three gluteal muscles and they are important in hip flexibility and movement. The Glute Bridge is great at improving the hip mobility and strengthening the lower back. Lie with your face up on the floor with your knees bent and the feet held flat on the ground. Keep your arms at your side with your palms held down. Lift your hips off the ground until your shoulders, knees and hips form a straight line. Squeeze the glutes hard and hold your abs drawn in so that you don’t stress your back during the workout. Hold on to your bridged position for a few seconds before easing back down. Make sure you are not pushing from your heels as power should come from your hips and not from somewhere else. Aim for two sets of ten bridges, two to three times a week.
Kneeling Shoulder Tap Push Up
Pushups are an intense way to work out the back, core, arms and chest, making it an important workout to burn those extra calories and tighten the muscles. Begin with the kneeling plank position with hands on the ground below the shoulders and back extended long to the knees. Lower your chest to the floor keeping the abs tight. As you push back up to the kneeling plank, tap the right hand on the left shoulder and then set it down. Repeat the pushups, but as you rise tap the left hand on the right shoulder. Hold your abs tight throughout and prevent the torso from tipping to the side as you tap. Perform at least 8-12 pushups in total and rest for a minute.
Mid-Back Extension
The mid-back extension strengthens the upper back muscles and the core. It opens up the chest to promote good posture. Start by lying face down on the mat. Lift the abs away from the mat to engage them and slide the shoulders down the back. The head is lifted in a low hover. Your body should be in one long line. Using the back muscles and the core, slowly lift the chest as if to exhale. Lengthen from the crown of the head. Inhale and come back down to the mat slowly getting longer through the spine as you return. Perform 8-12 repetitions and rest for a minute.
Full Body Roll-Up
A full body roll-up workout are nice for strengthening the core muscles, helps lengthen and stretch your back and hamstrings. You can do this work out every day because it is good for your core. Begin with lying on the back with arms held extended over the head, legs long and feet flexed. Inhale as you lift your arms up and begin curling the chin and chest forward. Exhale as you roll the entire body up and over the legs, keeping the abs engaged and reaching for the toes. Inhale, with the rolling up of your spine back down one at a time and exhale as the upper portion of the lower back and the arms reach the pack overhead. Repeat by moving slowly and using the abdominals lift and lower, but not the momentum. Perform about 8-10 roll-ups a day.

Now, seniors need not worry and lead a sedentary life just because they have reached a particular age group. Weight training workouts for seniors are quite easy to learn and are proven to be safe and effective if they are performed on a regular basis.

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