Ways to Get Rid of Cellulite


90 percent women all over the world suffer from cellulite. If you find your thighs and behinds of your body getting bumpy, then you can be sure that it is cellulite. What is cellulite and why do women worry a lot about it?

Cellulite is fat and water deposit trapped in between a web of collagen fibers under the skin. These fat cells sometimes get accumulated in between the middle layer of the skin. If these tissues become weak small pockets of fat and fluids shift towards the surface of the skin making them noticeable. The most visible areas of cellulite are the thigh region and bottom. The other regions of the body where you can find cellulite are on the stomach and upper arms.

How to Get Rid of Cellulite?

Cellulite can be worrisome, but there are various solutions to get rid of it. One can get do away with cellulite with the help of a new laser treatment known as Cellulaze. With Cellulaze you can treat and clear cellulite surgically. The results are remarkable, but can be expensive. So, then what are the other options? According to some researchers cellulites if treated early can be completely cured. Cellulite advances in four stages. Sooner the treatment better will be the results. So let us understand various other forms of treatment to get rid of cellulite without having to spend on the expensive and painful surgeries.
According to Dr. Murad, a dermatologist from The University of California, one needs to hydrate and strengthen the body cells and tissues, which will then gradually clear the body of cellulite. Other than this one needs to follow the following steps to clear the effects of cellulite.

  • Switch to organic food as far as possible. Foods should be as much as possible be free from toxins like pesticides. Eat more of leafy vegetables like spinach, lettuce and fruits. Eat moderate amounts of lean meat, nuts and eggs.
    Foods rich in saturated fats like fried chips, processed foods and foods that contain artificial colorings and flavor, and dairy products like butter and cheese should be avoided as much as possible. Reduce the intake of salt and sugar rich foods, as they are the main culprits for fluid retention.
  • Avoid alcohol and cigarettes since they are full of toxins. They add pressure to the body’s circulatory system.
  • Maintain a healthy body weight by walking at least 45 minutes a day. Stretch your body muscles thoroughly before and after you finish your daily walk. Gradually increase your walking speed.
  • Dry body brushing is one of the well known treatments for cellulite. It helps stimulate the lymphatic systems. Brush with a firm body brush before shower daily, to attain a smooth and radiant skin. It also eliminates the dead skin cells allowing your skin to glow.
  • Application of essential oils, which are specifically designed for cellulites, stimulates the circulatory systems. Apply these oils on the affected areas for best results.
  • Apply topical creams or products that help in tightening and firming the skin. They burn the fats in the cells easily.
  • Spa treatments are also one of the most sought after methods for cellulite treatment. With painless radiofrequency they are able to break down the fat cells and lots of women have experienced positive results. Though, the treatment can be slightly expensive the results are positive for many. You may need at least minimum 10 sittings at the spa.
  • Control pants and tights which contain special extracts of green tea can also be worn to reduce cellulites. They do tend to make your body look curvier but the only drawback is that this treatment is not a permanent solution.
  • Bath in a comfortable, warm and seaweed bath to remineralize and improve the circulation at least three times a week in a spa.
  • Just by making a few changes in your lifestyle and by cutting down on alcohol and getting rid of toxin laced foods you can gradually notice a remarkable change in your skin and overall health. Regular exercise and by leading a stress free life one can get rid of the effects of cellulite once and for all without the need to go for any expensive surgeries. Once the cellulite reaches an advanced stage it may not be possible to completely get rid it. At least there would be no further harm to the tissues and cells. Committing yourself to a disciplined lifestyle will positively affect your body and mind.