Tips To Making Weight Loss More Fun


Why Eating More is a Key To Making Weight Loss Fun

For some people, losing weight can seem like a time-consuming task. They want to look their best physically, but find that the process is more than meets the eye; most feel as if it’s a daunting chore that can’t be maintained. Well, that’s a lie. Of course finding proper ways to lose weight in a healthier fashion is a bit of challenge for some, but that’s what makes it so fun; the idea that a person has to work a little to achieve their required goal is a reward all on its own.

So here are some tips that’ll help the weight loss regime feel less like exhausting work and more like a journey of physiological enlightenment. 


Eating plenty of fruits and vegetables is vital to keeping the body full of all of the necessary nutrients it needs to keep going. They’re packed with many vitamins and natural sugars that make the body run on proper fuel. Plus, they’re a better alternative to the fattening, processed foods that would otherwise prevent the body from becoming properly nourished. This is because they’re low in calories and fat, with strong dosages of potassium, fiber, folic acid, and of course, those vitamins. If the body is feeling hungry, feed it plenty of fruits and vegetables; this will recharge the body with lesser calories.


Getting plenty of exercise is another beneficial way of burning fat; it’s the most common regiment. Going to the gym is the perfect way to put muscle mass onto the body. Not only do you burn calories, but you’re also putting more gain into your frame. Running or taking a walk is another good way to slim the waistline down a bit. But don’t just assume that exercising more can help you lose weight in a healthier way; refer back to the above: proper nutrition helps the muscles and organs to grow as you strip away the body fat. Eating a proper amount of protein and consuming your fair share of calcium are also essential in making the exercise routine more efficient. 


Eating more can actually help you lose more weight. Because you can pack less calories into more meals by eating intermittently. Just remember to fuel up on the proper foods that are rich in protein, carbs, and vitamins. Eating a big breakfast in the morning, a small lunch, a small dinner, and light snack before bed is a daily routine to consider; also light, fruit-based snacks in between. In doing so, this will keep the body accustomed to this kind of programming. Just remember to always listen to your body when it’s hungry. And if you feel like you’re hungry but you really aren’t, drink a glass of water; dehydration tricks the body into thinking that it’s hungry. Understand how the body works so you can create a well-balanced relationship with it.

Why Not Searching For the “Best” Workout, But Finding One You Enjoy Makes Weight Loss More Fun

For some, following a weight loss plan is challenging, especially when it comes to incorporating regular exercise. However, there is a way to actually enjoy the exercise portion of your weight loss program by selecting activities that you love as opposed to what’s considered the “best” or what’s trending at the moment. In fact, the most successful weight loss participants are those who participate in exercise they actually like. These tips will help you select a fun activity from each fitness category, so you can design the best workout program for you.

Selecting a Cardio Exercise 

Cardio exercise is essential to your weight loss program because it burns calories and helps reduce unwanted fat. Cardio exercise consists of aerobic activities that require large muscles to contract and relax repeatedly, temporarily increases breathing and heart rate and allows oxygen to reach your muscles as well as increase cardiovascular endurance. These are the exercises that are accredited with lengthening the lifespan as well as lowering the risk for many diseases and include:

Cardio machines
And more

Selecting a Strength Training Exercise

Strength training, also known as resistance training, builds muscle, protects against bone loss and improves your body’s ratio of lean muscle mass to fat. Resistance or strength training occurs whenever your muscles encounter a resistant counterforce, such a lifting a dumbbell. Strength training tones and provides the strength you need to climb stairs, rise from a chair and lift groceries. Increasing resistance makes muscles stronger. 

Some strength training activities include:

Weight machines
Free weights
Resistance bands
And more
Selecting a Flexibility Exercise

Stretching helps reverse tightening and shortening of the muscles, which can occur with disuse. Shorter, tighter muscle fibers contribute to balance and back pain problems as well as make you susceptible to injuries. Regularly performing exercises that stretch and isolate tendons, surrounding muscles and elastic fibers can help counteract this. A thoroughly-stretched muscle more easily achieves its complete range of motion, which in turn, improves both functional and athletic performance. 

Stretch while muscles are warm and supple such as after your workout or as part of your cool down. Stretching can also be done in between exercises. 

Some flexibility exercises include:

Tai Chi
Barre workout
And more
Select an exercise activity that you love from each category, then substitute it as much as you’d like to stay interested. When selecting an activity, some questions to ask yourself include: What do you like to do? What’s your current fitness level? What kind of setting do you like? What are your exercise goals? How much money do you plan to spend? Asking yourself these questions beforehand will help you select a workout designed specifically for you, which means you are more likely to stick to it.

Why Going Out To Eat (As Long As if Fits Your Diet) Makes Weight Loss Much More Fun

Losing weight and keeping it off is one of the most admirable goals. However, it could get a little tedious because losing weight can be pretty boring. There is one thing that could help you shed these pounds and keeping it off. This is eating out. This may sound rather strange seeing that eating out is associated with fast food and other types of junk, but there are actually plenty of restaurants that offer a lot of healthier food. Even tons of fast food restaurants offer some healthier menu items for you to enjoy. They also taste great. In fact, eating out within your diet can bring some extra excitement to your diet.

One reason that eating out can make weight loss fun is that there are a lot of options when it comes to dishes. When you visit a healthy restaurant, you can look in the menu and find tons of unique items that you will not only enjoy eating, but may also want to learn how to prepare by yourself. Eating out is one fun way to find healthy new recipes for not only weight loss, but greater health and fitness. Almost every restaurant menu has a health section for people who are trying to lose weight. 

When losing weight at a restaurant, you can look at the menu in order to find different types of protein. What you want to order are the lean pieces of protein on the menu. To make things easier, many restaurants have decided to add calorie content to the items on the menu in order to help you know how much calories you are consuming with each item you order from the menu. Also, you can put together your own combination and place a special order with the waiter or the worker in the restaurant.

Also, restaurants know how to make their foods taste good. One thing that is often a concern when it comes to weight loss is the sacrifice of great taste for health. Losing weight does not mean that you have to subject yourself to bland foods. You can still have the foods you enjoy along with other new recipes. A better way to lose weight is to make sure that you are getting better nutrients as opposed to just eating less of the useless foods. Most of all, restaurants provide the fun environment needed in order for you to enjoy your efforts in losing weight.

Why Losing Weight With a Friend Can Make Weight Loss More Fun

Losing weight can be tedious and challenging. It often means cutting down on or cutting out many of your favorite, tasty, dishes. It can also mean making dramatic changes to one’s lifestyle. One way to make losing weight more fun is to do it with a friend. That can change the whole exercise from one of dreary, lonely, self-denial, to fun and friendly competition. When two friends both share a goal to lose weight it makes it much easier. They can challenge each other, sabotage each other, and offer friendly support. That can make all the difference in the world.

Making It A Challenge

One of the fun things about losing weight with a friend is you can challenge each other to see who will be able to stick to their diet and weight loss goals. Knowing that someone close to you is not only watching what you eat, monitoring your weight loss, but willing to laugh at you if you fail, can be very motivating. No one wants their close friend mocking them and having a good laugh at their expense if they are unable to meet their weight loss goals or stick to their exercise routine or their diet. For the average person that will make them buckle their chin strap and focus on losing the weight.

Friendly Competition

Losing weight with a friend can also lead to friendly competition. The old ‘Bet I can lose 10 pounds before you can’ type bets. The loser cuts the winner’s lawn, washes their car, or pays for drinks. That can be very motivating. It can also make the whole weight loss process a blast. Just knowing you will be sipping your favorite adult beverage while you friend washes you car can make people willingly do those extra laps or forgo dessert for a few weeks. Before you know it you’ll both have attained your weight loss goals.

Friendly Support

When the weight loss process becomes difficult, having someone that shares your pain helps. Having someone say ‘I know exactly what you mean’ and mean it can help to soothe the pain and motivate you. Next thing you know you’ll be sharing ‘You think YOU have it tough’ stories and laughing. It also helps to have someone to tell you ‘Suck it up. we’ve only got x pounds to go.’ Plus when you aches from working out or feel deprived because you gave up your favorite foods, it can be a little easier to take when a friend is enduring it with you.

So even if you send chocolate cake, ice cream, and pizza to your friend that’s on a diet, you both can laugh as you eat your steamed broccoli.